About the Author

Hi. I’m Emma.

I live in Thurso which is on the North Coast of Scotland. I mean the NORTH, north… as in you run out of land. It’s a windy place with stunning views, water for days and plenty places to park your butt for a picnic.

I’ve been here for about 2 years, moving north for work, and have loved adventuring all over the county exploring.

I decided to start blogging these adventures; where I sit, what I look at and the various biscuits I eat while sitting/looking. With the popularity of the North Coast 500 route and influx of tourists in the summer I started feel proud of the town, hoping they would fall in love with the same bits I had.

Looking dapper with a picnic blanket/basket combo in March 2019. Yes, it was freezing.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to have a click around.

All the best!

**note: this is a purely personal blog and it is not affiliated with any party/group/company.
It really is just me doing stuff. In Thurso.**

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