‘The way it was’ in Thurso – the hidden museum

A sign saying the way it was outside of a stone building, lampposts in the background.

Blink and you would miss it. Tucked behind the Royal British Legion, beside Ford Dunnets car dealership and the road that takes you to the Co-op car park, you are looking at a building that seems like someone’s house. Good reason for that, it is part of someone’s house!

Part of a google map showing Riverside Place in Thurso

Located inside an outbuilding is an odd and satisfying collection of old stuff. You don’t go inside, but instead peer in from the windows and press your nose against the glass to see more.

A collection of old plates, clothes and house hold goods inside a small museum.

Machinery, old boxes, photographs, news snippets, clothing, tea sets…

A butter churn, a toy and collection of old tools.

Knick-knacks, toys, shaving creams, ointment boxes…

A collection of old shaving memorability

The 2 ‘main’ windows are on Riverside Place in which you see the bulk of the collections. Depending on what time of day, or night, it is there is a button you can hold in to turn on the lights. Yes! This is a museum you can see in any time of day! I’d debate it’s even better early evening when there isn’t much else going on; you can look at the collection in quiet contemplation thinking about ‘the way it was’.

Round the side of the main windows is a gateway to someone’s house that you ask yourself ‘can I go in here?’. Yes! There is a handy sign in the far window saying ‘Welcome to have a look‘. (you can kind of see it above the green machine below) In here there is a wonderful collection of photographs and news clippings from a by gone era showing the varied history of Thurso.

An old bike propped against a wall covered in photographs.
An old, green machine standing as part of an antiques collection outside someone's house.

I fell in love with this collection as it isn’t just some soulless, over-funded museum piece trying to make a point. This is a collection of an individual who has put a lot of time and effort into their hobby and that is so apparant in the vast time period this collection spans. There are so many news stories, objects and more carefully laid out until the room has been stuffed! The fact this person has kindly offered this to the public for free is testament to them. This person has helped to show the best side of Thurso and I thank them for it.

A collection of knick knacks, a news clipping about the Berridale Braes and a picture from an energy magazine.

I’d like to find out more about the collection and hope to do a bit of investigating to learn more. Watch this space!

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