Thurso events – Spuds, Scouts and Sunshine; Thurso and Brilon.

This week Thurso is holding a German Exchange. See, the town of Thurso is twinned with Brilon. The towns were twinned in 1979.

The Scout leaders of said towns met at an event in London and this has forged a strong friendship between the 2 groups, as I witnessed today.

I visited the luminous pink and yellow Scout hut, tucked round the side of a church (from the train station, head up Castlegreen Road. When you get to a big playing green, turn right). I had driven by this countless times; how had I missed such a thing?

In honour of the twinning, I was told about a special bench and plaque that were going to be unveilled on Saturday (3rd August 2019). I was lucky to grab a sneak peek!

I was most amused that said bench was the drying rack for various camp equipment. Personally, I think it looked much more ‘scout’ with plastic plates and sporks!

Everyone was milling about outside in the rare yet welcome Thurso sunshine. A friend and collegue of mine was volunteering and feeding the horde of German and Scottish teenagers which would have been no mean feat. The organisation and scale of the operation scared me, but after feeling guilty that I had spend a lot of time playing various video games I felt I should offer some help.

This help came in the form of peeling and cutting up potatoes.

Now, in truth, I am rubbish at peeling spuds. I peel with all the finesse of a toddler with a crayon. It’s not pretty. With only minor injury to myself, we got the task done.

Ok, so I didn’t do that much. But I did get the opperunity to giggle at a drawer full of haggis (haggi? We weren’t sure…). As Alison pointed out ‘true scots keep haggis in the vegetable drawer’.

I hope the Scouts have a brilliant time culturally exchanging, playing games and eating everything that is rustled up for them (dem tatties tho).

It’s really warming knowing that little Thurso, up here on the north coast, isn’t alone and has links further afield than one might expect.

How very wholesome.

Stuff happening in Thurso

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