Thurso views – the steps leading into the sea

panoramic view of Thurso beach
On the left, the blues of the Atlantic Ocean. In the middle, Thurso beach. On the right, the steps to the sea.

It’s the end of July, height of the summer, and the warmest month on UK record. However I live in Thurso and wasn’t really feeling that this evening. I get used to a fair amount of fog, haar, mist, clouds and other terms denoting ‘you can’t see Orkney today’.

I started this blog thinking about the stuff I like about the town I live in. Wandering around I feel lucky to have moved here and wanted to share some of my favourite bit, the ones that didn’t quite make it on TripAdvisor. I pulled on my shoes this evening (July 29th) and went a casual walk, wondering what my first blog post should be about.

I’m essentially separated from the edge of the earth* by a major supermarket and that’s about it. Walking to the sea takes about 4 minutes so I was already in prime bloggable country. Phone at hand I walked and looked for inspiration; it came instantly.

If you walk along Victoria Walk, past the caravan park and as if you are headed to the beach, then you will clock a gap in the railings.

Go down. I dare you.

steps leading down to the sea in Thurso

The steps to the sea are unassuming, uneven, covered in grass and a totally pleasant surprise!

This is one of the places I like to wander down if I need a bit of fresh air and time to myself. These steps lead all the way into the sea, and on low tide you can walk all the way along the beach and back up said steps (or down the steps and along to the beach if you are that way inclined).

Now, I know what you are thinking. ‘Those don’t look safe!’ I get it, I do. I too see the rusty barrier, the unkempt grass, lack of uniform steps and bit of slippy seaweed at the bottom, but hey… these are sea steps. Nature is wild like that. Cut them some slack.

Wandering down these steps gives a different perspective on the water. It looks deeper and on sunny days you’d imagine it would be good for swimming (but it’s the north coast and Baltic all the time, so you don’t). Take out you headphones and listen. The waves make a satisfying GLOOP as they bump into the cliff edges, which in themselves are beautiful.

Thurso cliff edges, Thurso in the background.

Keep going down. Further until you get to the end and realise that you aren’t on steps anymore. You are just on the edge of the world.*

End of the steps and railings leading into the sea.

*Well, the edge of the Scottish Mainland but who is checking?

It’s a nice bit to wander to, take a picture, listen to the water and think ‘Yeah, I’m lucky to be here.’

Best bit is it’s not miles from home/town/wherever you started in Thurso so it’s not a major trek to get a cup of tea after. Ideal.

Well, that’s the sort of thing I get up to on a Monday evening in Thurso. Expect similarly thrilling content. 😉 Thanks for swinging by.

Note: All photos used were taken by me. Feel free to use them but link us, aye?

Walks in Thurso

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